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Start generating leads, acquiring customers, and increasing engagement with your website with an inbound growth plan! We do this same process for ourselves every quarter and at the start of all content campaigns and retainer engagements. 

Watch the video below to see a sample of some of the deliverables you'll recieve as part of this, and hear how it can impact your marketing, sales, and most importantly your bottom line. See a detailed description of what we'll provide beneath the video.

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Website Audit

We review the entire site for SEO optimization, and to find more and better ways for prospects to engage with you.

Content Audit

We look at blog, social, and other online content to see what's working best to optimize engagement.

Keyword Research

We use tools to find the keywords you should be using to drive traffic and generate leads.

Competitor Research

We look at 3 competitors to see how you can differentiate yourself, and promote your services for better lead generation.


We create Specific, Measurable, Acheivable, Realistic, and Time-bound goals for your marketing plan. Goals that focus your approach and lead to success.

Buyer Personas

Up to two, detailed buyer personals to define target, reach, and engage with your ideal customer.

12 Month Content Plan

The plan includes gated content offers, blog posts, and other rich media content recommendations.

Promotion Strategy

We tell you which social networks and online locations to publish on to reach your ideal customer.

Editorial Calendar

We lay it all out for you, when content needs to be completed, and when to post and repost to each online location.

Walkthrough to Execution

We'll do a comprehensive walkthrough of everything and you'll be ready for launch!

Helped Us Exceed Our Goals!

CTC provided guidance to Leadership Clark County, a non-profit, as we prepared for a fundraising drive. After analyzing our web and social media footprint, they recommended a variety of actions to bolster LCC's visibility. By implementing the measures CTC suggested, we grew our follower list, received great feedback, and exceeded our fundraising goal.

Marketing Specialist, Leadership Clark County

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